May 3

Travel Details for China OSLE 2018

Depart: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 8pm


Beijing Leg:

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square

Great Wall of China (Mutianyu Section)


Shanghai Leg:

Pearl Tower

Yu Yuan Gardens

Insect Market

Market Shopping

ERA Circus


Suzhou Leg:

Visit our sister schools

Overnight home stays


Return: Saturday 2nd June 8am

June 6

Day 5

Yesterday we arrived in Suzhou after a 2 hour bus trip. The weather was so bad. The rain was pouring down and it was so cold that Miss Daley had to go an buy us all a jumper from a shop called Decathlon. We warmed up by eating a delicious banquet and then spent the afternoon learning about silk at the factory. Did you know that a single cocoon has about 1300m of silk in it? We also learnt that when the worm is in the cocoon, they boil them to kill the bug because if it eats trough the silk, it destroy the quality of it. We ate another yummy meal at a restaurant nearby and then came home for a good sleep. Today, we woke up earlier than usual to prepare for our visits to sister schools.




June 4

Day 3

We awoke to yet another beautiful morning here in Shanghai. The conditions have been absolutely perfect with day time temperatures reaching around 30 degrees. After refuelling our bellies at the hotel restaurant, we made some quick Skype calls to parents and set off for the insect market. They are unlike anything we’ve seen before. Birds on leads. Strange looking mice. Dyed frogs.
We stopped for a quick ice cream on our way back to Laoximen station then traveled back to the Shanghai Planning Museum in People’s Square. The scale model of Shanghai made us realise how big it really is. We also liked learning about the history of Shanghai and the plans for environmental sustainability for the future. After that, we walked through the city across to our favourite dumpling restaurant. Today for lunch it was dumplings in the park. The locals surrounded us as we ate them with our fingers. We then spent the afternoon battering with locals at the markets. Off to Thai for dinner tonight.


June 3

Day 2

After a delicious buffet breakfast at the Park Hotel, we ventured through People’s Square Park and participated in some of the local activities. We then caught two separate trains over to the YuYuan Gardens and had another go at bartering with locals in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai city. We ate authentic Chinese food for lunch then made our way back to the hotel to drop off our purchases before preparing for our river cruise up the Huangpu.


June 2

Day 1

Today we visited the highly anticipated Pearl Tower after a delicious buffet breakfast at the Park Hotel. We took the Met system for the first time and travelled to Luizhiui where we visited the tower and learnt about the historical Bund area. The weather has been absolutely perfect and we even caught a glimpse of the blue Shanghai sky.