November 10

Miss Daley

Hi. My name is Miss Daley and I am bubbling with excitement as I write this blurb. I feel incredibly privileged to be embarking on this journey with 4 fabulous students in June, 2017.

Comfort Zone

I have been fortunate enough to travel across various continents, but have never experienced true Chinese culture as I will when we touchdown in Shanghai, China. I am fascinated by the rich culture, the diversity and of course, the food. I discovered the quote below and it made me consider the ways that I will breach my comfort zone, since stepping out of that zone really is where the magic happens. The eastern toilets, the hustle and bustle of Shanghai city, the contrast between traditional Chinese food and the Chinese food available in Australia, will all undoubtedly open my eyes to the world of China that I am so keen to learn about.

Above all, I am most looking forward to sharing this adventure with Mia, Bella, Charlotte and Isaiah. I know that my travels in the past have taught me invaluable lessons and lifelong skills that have made me a better person. I am so excited to see the students become so much more culturally-rich because of these experiences.


Richer travel

While we are in China, please make sure you check our blog regularly to read snippets of our adventures. In the meantime, check back every so often to read about upcoming fundraisers, events and Team China related info.

The countdown is on…

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  1. Connor Griffiths

    Amazing job getting in to Team China 2016! Enjoy your time thousands of kilometres from your home, and learn all about the culture and customs of what could be a crucial part of our understanding of the world.


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