November 10



Questions to be answered at Parent Info Session: 

This page is dedicated to any questions that may arise in the lead up to our OSLE. We will display them here as they may prove helpful for others too. You can also contact


Q: Who are the members of Team China, 2017?

A: Students: Charlotte B, Bella Eddy, Isaiah F and Mia M. Teachers: Miss Leah Daley and Mr Jeremy Hibbs.


Q: When are the students travelling to China?

A: Travel dates: Thursday June 1st 2017, returning Saturday June 10th 2017


Q: Where in China will the students visit?

A: Shanghai and Suzhou


Q: Will we be able to communicate with the students while they are in China?

A: Yes. You can leave messages for our students on our guest page and student profile pages. We hope you will visit our blog for daily updates and pictures. Students will also have access to wifi (it is quite limited and unreliable) so they will be able to Skype their family every few days.

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