November 10


Hi. My name is Bella  and I am in Grade 5 this year.

I am part of the 2017 team China group. The things I am looking forward to, include going to our sister school, Pearl Tower and trying new foods. I am really looking forward to bartering and trying to get stuff cheaper. I hope this adventure will be as fun as I’m hoping. I can’t wait to see how different life is overseas.


5 thoughts on “Bella

  1. Melinda Solomon

    Hi Bella, hope you are enjoying your trip so far and have lots of fun on this special adventure. It is great to learn the culture and language of others. Such a deadly opportunity!
    From Lillie, Sharleese and Melinda xo

  2. Loretta Casey

    Hi Bell

    Hope you are having a wonderful time! We love seeing all your pictures in China!

    Lots of love

    Case, Ret and Matt xxx


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