May 26

Day One

We’re here! We arrived in Beijing early this morning and hit the ground running. After a big breakfast and bag drop off at the hotel, it was off to The Forbidden City. The Imperial Palace and Temples were an absolute sight to see! But I think 60 Aussie kids wearing bright blue shirts seemed more of a sight for many of the locals! Lots of people taking photos of us! In the words of Benji Martin, “Miss Cav is this what it’s like being famous?” (I wouldn’t know Benji).

Hot, tired and hungry we headed off to our first real Chinese lunch experience. After Victoria, our tour guide, found us the perfect local Beijing restaurant, we feasted on some amazing food (no thats not popcorn chicken from KFC Sienna). Evie was not too sure though, she is holding out for the dumplings in Shanghai (hope you like rice Evie!). After that we were invited into a local Beijing family’s home to learn about Chinese paper cutting. Jobe was not enthused by the intricate cutting detail, but he definitely DID NOT give up trying. By then we were exhausted, so a relaxing rickshaw ride around the local streets of Hu Tong was just what we needed. After another delicious meal we had just enough time left to have our first taste of market shopping. Jobe and Benji impressed with their bartering skills (“wait I think this actually a real Supreme jumper!”). Stay tuned for Day Two!






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