June 4

Day 3

We awoke to yet another beautiful morning here in Shanghai. The conditions have been absolutely perfect with day time temperatures reaching around 30 degrees. After refuelling our bellies at the hotel restaurant, we made some quick Skype calls to parents and set off for the insect market. They are unlike anything we’ve seen before. Birds on leads. Strange looking mice. Dyed frogs.
We stopped for a quick ice cream on our way back to Laoximen station then traveled back to the Shanghai Planning Museum in People’s Square. The scale model of Shanghai made us realise how big it really is. We also liked learning about the history of Shanghai and the plans for environmental sustainability for the future. After that, we walked through the city across to our favourite dumpling restaurant. Today for lunch it was dumplings in the park. The locals surrounded us as we ate them with our fingers. We then spent the afternoon battering with locals at the markets. Off to Thai for dinner tonight.


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