May 29

Day 6: Off To School!

Off to School!
Today we got a chance to see our sister school, Xingwan School. We felt very special turning up to the school to personalised welcom signs! We took part in the school classes and activities and shared lunch with our Chinese friends. After we saw off Evie to her homestay with her new friend Angel, it was off to Kung Fu lessons and the the Humble Administrator’s Gardens.

May 29

Day 5: Suzhou

Today we spent the whole day touring Tong Li historical town. We took a boat ride through town, and spent time wandering through the gardens and streets. The gardens were very peaceful and beautiful, but one of the highlights was choosing a clam and watching a local woman break it open for you and find pearls inside that you got to keep.





May 29

Day 4: Market shopping at Shanghai

Our second day tackling the busy Shanghai rail system was much more relaxed. We spent a few hours shopping for all of those important items, like toy pandas and real GENUINE sneakers and smart watches! The students absolutey loved the experience and we are hoping to get another chance to do some last minute shopping before we come home! After a short walk through the mall in Shanghai and an “eggy” ice cream, it was back on the bus and off to Suzhou for the next few days. We arrived in Suzhou at around 6pm, to picturesque views of Suzhou’s night lights!D


May 29

Day 3: Shanghai

After a bit of a hiccup with flights from Beijing (bad weather, cancellations, having to stay an extra night in Beijing), we finally arrived in Shanghai! We had our first experience using the busy train system and enjoyed the most gasp-worthy awesome show at the Circus! There were people balcony pots on their heads, balancing each other on bikes and spinning plates on poles. But most electrifying was the motorbike sphere. You’d think only a couple of motorbikes would fit inside a done and ride around and upside down without colliding. These guys managed 8 motorbikes at the same time! It was so cool!

May 26

Day Two: Great Wall Of China

Today was so amazing. The view of the wall was so beautiful. We took a chair lift to get to the wall and wandered up and down through the watchtowers. Our tour guide, Victoria gave us lots of information about the history of the wall’s creation and the dynasty’s who were responsible for building it. On the way down, we had the option to take the relaxing chair… Or we could speed down in a toboggan. We chose the toboggan (naturally)! After that we had an delicious Peking duck lunch. Everyone was in awe of the sensational experience today!

May 26

Day One

We’re here! We arrived in Beijing early this morning and hit the ground running. After a big breakfast and bag drop off at the hotel, it was off to The Forbidden City. The Imperial Palace and Temples were an absolute sight to see! But I think 60 Aussie kids wearing bright blue shirts seemed more of a sight for many of the locals! Lots of people taking photos of us! In the words of Benji Martin, “Miss Cav is this what it’s like being famous?” (I wouldn’t know Benji).

Hot, tired and hungry we headed off to our first real Chinese lunch experience. After Victoria, our tour guide, found us the perfect local Beijing restaurant, we feasted on some amazing food (no thats not popcorn chicken from KFC Sienna). Evie was not too sure though, she is holding out for the dumplings in Shanghai (hope you like rice Evie!). After that we were invited into a local Beijing family’s home to learn about Chinese paper cutting. Jobe was not enthused by the intricate cutting detail, but he definitely DID NOT give up trying. By then we were exhausted, so a relaxing rickshaw ride around the local streets of Hu Tong was just what we needed. After another delicious meal we had just enough time left to have our first taste of market shopping. Jobe and Benji impressed with their bartering skills (“wait I think this actually a real Supreme jumper!”). Stay tuned for Day Two!






May 17

6 Days to Go!

We’re almost ready to go!


Our bags are (almost) packed and we are so excited to be heading off on our China adventure!


We have our lovely blue tops, so there’s no missing us on the streets of Shanghai!

Pre-departure Day 2

Last week, we had our second pre-departure day where we took part in more preparations for our trip. This included learning so bartering tips for the shopping markets and learning to wash our uniforms

Follow the link below to see the Bendigo Advertiser news story about our trip:

May 4

Team China 2018!

Introducing our Team China travellers for 2018!

Jobe, Ben, Sienna and Evie

They are really excited for the trip and the countdown has begun!

Keep an eye on our blog to keep up with our pre-departure activities and everything we do on our trip.

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May 3

Bunnings BBQ

Bunnings Kangaroo Flat BBQ


April 29th – Bunnings Kangaroo Flat BBQ

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us on the day. A spcial thank you to our main sponsor, Strath Village IGA, for providing the sausages, bread, sauces and onions. We managed to raise $1100 on the day.

Thank you to all of the parents for making this possible. A special thanks also to Julie and Mark (Evie’s parents) for organising the event and Miss Cav and Mr G for coming along and helping out on the day.